The Band:

Lloyd "Cookie" Willacy - Guitar
Eric Kurtzrock - Drums
Darren Jarvis - Guitar
Stephen "pUNK" Cunningham - Bass

This latest incarnation of One Gig At A Time formed in the fall of 2013. The powerhouse quartet of Cookie Willacy, Eric Kurtzrock, Darren Jarvis and Steve "pUNK" Cunningham fuses dynamic songwriting with unbelievable musical prowess. Frontman Willacy brings with him years of experience playing guitar with the likes of Trent Reznor, Inner Circle, S.W.A.M.M.P. Band, Zephaniah and some too famous to mention. His prodigious electric guitar talent is equalled by none, and continuosly astounds his audience. Authoring a majority of the band's compositions, his music has a fresh but powerful message that lends itself ideally to funk, rock, country and blues. Drummer Eric Kurtzrock spent most of the last 20 years drumming professionally in the L.A. and San Francisco markets before returning home to western Pennsylvania. He provides the percussive backbone with bewilding precision. His former projects include collaborations with the likes of David Byrne, Chipito Ayeres (Santana) and Eddie Henderson (Head Hunters, Herbie Hancock), and others too famous to mention. Darren Jarvis, the lastest addition to 1G, just freakin' rocks! This totally sick guitarist wasted the last 25 years of his life with Blackfish before finding his true calling in 1G. Darren takes this group to a new level. You'll see. Bassist Steve "pUNK" Cunningham, a staple in the Pittsburgh Jam scene for nearly thirty years, rounds out the bottom end. Also a contributing author, his works offer a different angle, into the improvisational and often psychedlic worlds of music. Together the four perform an incendiary set of original music that leaves their audiences completely spellbound and always wanting for more...